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Evening Video Visit

These appointments are over video. Only for quick urgent issues; Over video only; Labs and imaging orders are given;

Appointment Available:
06:00 PM on 06/22/2023

Office Visit - New

In office consult only for commercial insurances, typically 30 minutes.

Appointment Available:
09:15 AM on 06/14/2023

Office Visit - Follow up

Commercial insurances; Office visit lasting 25 minutes.

Appointment Available:
09:15 AM on 06/14/2023

Video Visit- New

Use this appointment type if you have never been to our clinic. Typically, we need 30 minutes. Visit is over video or telephone.

Appointment Available:
08:15 AM on 06/12/2023

Video Visit- Follow Up

Once you are established, you can use follow-up visits. We typically spend 20 minutes. Over video.

Appointment Available:
08:15 AM on 06/12/2023

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